Brown Cardigan Media

Creative Services

Hello web-surfer, future business partner, etc.

You might not know this, but we (sometimes) work with brands. Brands we like, brands that make sense to stand alongside, brands that let us do weird things etc.

Previously, we've created visual stimulants, unique collaborations and various other things for Budgy Smuggler, Suntory, Netflix, Schweppes, Instagram, Universal Music, Cameo, Fireball, Young Henrys, Manscaped and heaps more.

Check out our portfolio for some highlights.


But wait, what is a Brown Cardigan?

Launched as a blog in 2007, Brown Cardigan has grown into a social media collective that holds a mirror up to Aussie culture, reflecting back to our followers what it means to be Australian. And over a million people froth it, relying on Brown Cardigan to keep them across the weird shit happening around the country on a daily basis. Everyone from your brother to Katy Perry follows Brown Cardigan.

Brown Cardigan is you, me, everyone, no-one, and definitely all of us.